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Here is a short version of the information about Åland Runt.
As we do this to support Doctors Without Borders (MSF) we try to avoid unneccesary cost, as paying WordPress 300 EUR per year for multinlanguage

The organizers are Team Utan Gränser, read more about us here

If you want please use google or your browser to read the swedish pages in your native language. You can also drop us a mail via this page

Åland Runt is a nice event, it is by no means a race. You can enjoy it at the speed You like.
We have groups from comfy to fast XXL. All groups are guided by locals, and there is a supportcar if anything goes really south.

In essence it is all-inclusive. Rides, food, BBQ dinner with lecture, coffe lunch sauna, hottub.
All you need to pay for outside the entryfee is the ferry and, opitonally a massage!

Åland is a really beautiful island in the baltic sea in a 6000+ archipelago and in addition 20,000+ islets, countless bridges where You always will be close to the sea.

To secure your entry book tickets here


Friday september 1
Ferry from Grisslehamn to Eckerö, book your tickets here
Short transfer (1.6km) to the resort for check-in-

Saturday september 2
A nice breakfast, group selection and then Ride!
There will be lunchbreak at beautiful Havsvidden and the famous BikeFerry!
Back at the resort, take a beer a dop in the sea, use the sauna and float in the hot tub.
In the evening there will be a nice BBQ dinner and an interesting lecture.

Sunday september 3
After breakfast and groupselection we hit the second ride.
Also today lunch at a very nice place and when we get back,
plenty of time to shower, pack and enjoy.
The ferry takes you back to Grisslehamn

Käringsund Resort
We stay at the very comfortable resort, there is a great number of cottages, many of them with their own fireplace, sauna and bikewash! You can read more about the resort here

We are looking forward to ride and enjoy life with you, come september

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